Top Trends in the Industrial Packaging Industry in 2022

18 May 2021

By 2024, the global packaging market is set to be worth an unprecedented $1trillion. As one of few industries not to be hit by the pandemic, the packaging industry is on track to continue impressive growth long into the future. But what will the future of industrial packaging look like? We’re taking a dive into the near future to assess several notable trends in the packaging industry through to 2022.

1. Sustainable Industrial Packaging

Harrowing statistics have shown that the time we have until 2022 will be crucial to solving the ongoing climate crisis. Naturally, these concerns have affected several sectors, including the industrial packaging industry. There are now calls to work towards more sustainable packaging solutions at every stage of the process. A particular focus has been on the move away from plastic packaging solutions on a global scale. This isn’t to say plastic should never be used. But efforts have been made to move towards more sustainable materials where possible.

Sustainable materials are materials that are recyclable or bio-degradable. Changes in the use of materials can help to make a positive environmental change. This is because materials do not linger after their use. Instead, they can be re-used again or destroyed safely. This is true of the three different types of packaging. These are primary, secondary, and tertiary.

This is particularly true within the industrial packaging industry. This is thanks to the larger scale of the packaging itself. Usually, this places industrial packaging as secondary or tertiary. Cardboard packaging consumables are desirable for companies concerned about their waste. The use of wooden pallets promotes the usage of sustainable materials in transport. Wood provides a strong and sturdy material for transporting large-scale products. This means it’s both secure and sustainable, making it a popular choice.

The usage of wood can also help to impact other packaging trends. This includes a greater need for customisability.

2. Customised Industrial Packaging

These days, it isn’t enough to simply purchase a one-size-fits-all packaging solution. Many companies are looking to customised industrial packaging. This is particularly true for those transporting unique products of varying shapes and sizes. It ensures items are transported in packaging that has been specifically measured and built for them. It can ensure the safety of materials, particularly breakable items. One such recent example created by Axis was our customised packaging for transporting marker buoys in 2020.

Each industrial packaging job comes with its own set of challenges and concerns. This is why companies are looking to those who can provide custom solutions to their problems. Customisability is proving to be an attractive advertisement for reliable industrial packaging companies. It evidences an expert understanding of the needs of the sector in 2021 and beyond.

3. Packaging Innovations

A continuing trend within the sector is in ongoing innovation.

Customisability can be seen as an offshoot of this innovation. But innovative solutions are also being implemented on a mass scale. Knowledgeable packaging companies are working to perfect their solutions for an expanding market. One such innovative solution is known as heat shrink wrapping. Axis provides award-winning shrink wrapping products which can protect industrial shipments of any size. This innovative solution enables a greater degree of protection from corrosion. It also helps protects against any elemental factors.  Innovative packaging can provide a heightened level of security. This makes for a more reliable packaging solution regardless of the product. Innovation is also vital to the design of the packaging itself. Some examples include reinforced enclosed bases and internal strapping systems. This trend will ensure the continued growth of the sector. This is achieved by providing effective packaging solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

4. Regulatory requirements within Industrial Packaging

One trend in the sector which shows no signs of changing by 2022 is the continued need to meet regulatory requirements. Industrial packaging is often used to transport products great distances. This means it demands reliance on appropriate regulation. When searching, businesses continue to search for companies that list the appropriate regulations. This proves that a company has experience providing industrial packaging. These regulations exist for a reason; to keep products and cargo secure and safe.  This also involves certification and other records of transport. These aspects remain a crucial part of the transport side of the industry.

At Axis, we always ensure all of our packaging is in keeping with ISPM15 regulations. This includes certification and stamping free of charge for all our customers. As we move into 2022, the vital role regulations play within the industry will continue.

5. Smart Packaging and Customer Service Solutions

Industrial packaging as a sector continues to innovate in smart packaging. This helps to ensure providers can give information on the delivery of products. Through technology, packaging can be scanned in throughout every step of its journey.

There also remains a greater role of customer service within the packaging industry.

This is a trend that can be seen within numerous sectors today. Businesses want to be able to communicate with their provider reliably and appropriately. This includes a free initial query and consultation on the cost of a job. It also includes a regularly manned phone line and online presence. These can ensure a business feels supported throughout the entire process. Axis operates a phone line and an email address for customer support at all times. We also operate a list of offices throughout the country. Going into 2022, smart packaging will advance further than ever before. So too will the ways in which businesses can communicate with packaging providers. It will be important for all companies to develop these solutions to compete.

Where can I find out more about Industrial Packaging?

The 5 industrial packaging trends above should give an indication about where this healthy sector is headed.  Industrial packaging design continues to innovate, with new models and materials adapted as the sector evolves. Similarly, businesses are adopting new solutions to customer service and smart tracking.

If you’re in need of industrial packaging solutions, make sure to contact our team at Axis directly.

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