Compressed Wood Pallet: An Eco-Friendly Alternative

25 Feb 2022

Pallets are underappreciated, but they perform a crucial role in transporting everyday items that are integral to people’s lives. Pallets can be built from a variety of different materials. Just as plastic pallets provide alternatives to wood pallets, compressed wood pallets offer the transportation sector another sustainable option. 

Plastic pallets are designed to be nestable, as well as resistant to edge impact and infection. Once they have served their purpose, they may be reground and reused indefinitely. In this regard, the compressed wood pallet can be an excellent substitute as it is cost-effective and manufactured from wood waste.

What are Compressed Wood Pallets?

Compressed Wood Pallets are created from a variety of wood by-products, including scrap pallets, wood waste, wood shavings, and sawdust. They are typically made from ‘resinous’ trees (pine, fir), with the chips coming directly from logging and sawmills or the wood recycling business. It is then bonded with resin or similar bonding agents and machine-pressed into pallets. 

Because of their unique design, they can withstand heavy loads while being relatively light. AXIS compressed wood pallets weigh approximately 18kg (+/- 2kg variance) with a dynamic load rating of up to 2,000kg. They are also stackable and nestable, which aids in the reduction of storage space and freight costs during transportation.

Compressed Wood Pallet: An Eco-Friendly Alternative, AXIS Industrial

Benefits of using Compressed Wood Pallets

Compressed Wood Pallets are cost-efficient when compared to their counterparts – traditional hard and softwood, plastic, and metal pallets.

Aside from that, it can hold loads similar to a plastic pallet. It is also nestable and stackable thereby it is easier to transport and store. 

Presswood pallets are often more stable than alternative nestable plastic pallets. In terms of shipping and handling, the rigidity of the pallet can be related to less outer packaging and/or product damage.

In summary: 

  • Fully compliant with the ISPM 15 Guidelines
  • Nestable and stackable, four-way entry 
  • Durable – can hold a uniform load of up to 2,000kg
  • Reusable
  • Lightweight
  • Insect-free

Please note that whilst Compressed Wood Pallets are generally water resistant, water damage can still occur. It is not wise to store this type of pallet outdoors.

Compressed Wood Pallets as an alternative to other Pallets

Traditional wooden pallets are frequently subjected to tight import restrictions, whereas plastic pallets can be expensive. 

Because Compressed Wooden Pallets are built entirely from waste materials- ranging from recovered wood fibre to sugar cane pulp- these pallets are eco-friendly and meet ISPM 15 Export Guidelines for wood packaging. The ISPM 15 regulations limit the spread of disease and pests whilst transporting wood packing materials internationally. All AXIS wooden products are compliant with ISPM 15 regulations, preventing biodiversity harm. There is therefore no need to heat treat or fumigate when exporting AXIS Compressed Wood Pallets.

Compressed Wood Pallet: An Eco-Friendly Alternative, AXIS Industrial
Compressed Wood Pallet: An Eco-Friendly Alternative, AXIS Industrial

Creating pallets from wood waste is an eco-friendly option. Compressed Wood Pallets can be created by shredding and reprocessing old pallets. Because they are made of repurposed wood, they can also help minimise carbon footprints and save money.

Industries that can benefit from Compressed Wood Pallets

Plastic pallets have typically been ideal for pharmaceutical, food, and beverage product handling.  They may be easily hot washed, steam cleaned, or chemically sanitised, so any harmful bacteria or mould can be eliminated quickly and effectively.

Compressed Wood Pallet: An Eco-Friendly Alternative, AXIS Industrial

Termites, bacteria, and fungi thrive on traditional wooden pallets, causing severe damage to pharmaceutical, food, and beverage products. As a result, wood pallets frequently do not meet the strict cleanliness standards demanded by many businesses. Whilst Compressed Wood Pallets are still susceptible to these issues, thanks to their engineered manufacturing process at high temperatures, bacteria and infestation is eliminated at this stage.

Compressed Wood Pallets are ideal for cost-effective export and transportation of pre-packaged goods for the following industries: Food and beverage, pharmaceutical, retail, raw materials, mining, and manufacturing. 

Thanks to the contoured top deck, Compressed Wood Pallets are also ideal when used in conjunction with bulk bags. Bulk materials such as grain, mineral sands and fertilisers, packaged in bulk bags and sacks, nestle into the cavities within the pallet, providing integration and stability.


  • Size: 1100x1100x130mm (-/+ 3% variance)
  • Weight: 18kg (-/+ 2kg variance)
  • Raw Materials: 100% Recycled Wood
  • Static Load Rating: 6,500 Kg
  • Dynamic Load Rating: 2,000 Kg
  • Entry Point: 4


  • ISPM15 Certified
  • No nails or screws that can damage cargo

A sustainable option for logistics

It is common knowledge that carbon emissions from logistics and supply chains produce an estimated 33 gigatonnes of CO2 per year. With this in mind, using compressed wood pallets is a more sustainable and environmentally responsible step toward lowering carbon emissions.

Compressed Wood Pallet: An Eco-Friendly Alternative, AXIS Industrial
Compressed Wood Pallet: An Eco-Friendly Alternative, AXIS Industrial

Producing pressed wood pallets combined with the reusability of plastic pallets results in an excellent alternative that has considerable environmental benefits. Cleaner packaging and eco-friendly pallets also help to lower carbon footprints.

It is safe to say that Compressed Wood Pallets are gradually paving the way to more sustainable logistics. Presswood pallets are constructed from damaged logs, waste wood, and other wood by-products that would otherwise go to waste.

Presswood pallets are nestable, saving on fuel, labour, handling and storage.

AXIS Compressed Wood Pallets are also less expensive than other pallets. Pallet type and design should be considered when planning a sustainable logistics strategy. Contact AXIS Industrial for additional information or a quotation on Compressed Wood Pallets.

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