Materials Handling Essentials: IBC’s

17 Dec 2022

Materials Handling Essentials: IBC’s, AXIS Industrial

What is an IBC?

IBC stands for Intermediate Bulk Containers. These industrial-grade containers are made specifically for the mass handling, transport, and storage of liquids, semi-solids, pastes or solids. Other terms used to refer to IBC’s are IBC Tanks, IBC Totes or pallet tanks. 

Intermediate bulk containers can be made from different kinds of materials, based on the requirements for its use. Traditional materials include:

  • Plastic (high-density polyethylene)
  • Composite of galvanized steel and plastic
  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless steel

Some IBC’s can also be made of fiberboard, wood, aluminum, and folding plastic.

The most widely utilised and known IBC is the reusable, caged IBC tote container. Caged IBC totes are made of composite materials. It has a white or translucent plastic container that is contained and protected by a galvanised steel grid. 

IBC’s are typically utilised to transport and store bulk materials like:

  • Chemicals
  • Solvents
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Liquids 
  • Granulated substances
  • Food ingredients

Benefits of using IBC’s

Materials Handling Essentials: IBC’s, AXIS Industrial

Because of its variance in type and material, IBC’s are an essential for materials handling for its versatility. They also have better utilisation than cylindrical drums, and can store more, depending on capacity. 

Some types of IBC’s have specific fittings that make it easier for filling and discharging liquids. Our Steel Framed IBC is an example of a versatile IBC that is compatible with a range of filling and discharging systems.

Since IBC’s are widely used for transport and storage, they are typically made to be stackable, and can be moved by a pallet jack or a forklift.

There are also Foldable Plastic IBC’s that are designed to be durable, while providing an efficient, flexible and stackable solution.

Most IBC’s are also designed to be re-usable, and depending on handling, can last for a long period of time, and are a more sustainable solution than cylindrical drums.

Industries that can benefit from IBC’s

For its versatility, it’s no wonder that there are many industries that can benefit from IBC’s. 

These are the common industries that utilise IBC’s for transporting and storing their materials:

  • Food and Beverage
  • Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemical Industry
  • Any industry that require bulk transport and storage
Materials Handling Essentials: IBC’s, AXIS Industrial

IBC solutions that we offer

AXIS Industrial has an array of Intermediate Bulk Containers for all your liquid transport and storage needs. Our line of industrial IBC’s is low-cost, exportable, reusable, and long-lasting.

We can offer tailor-made solutions, or a hire-to-buy option, depending on your needs. Contact us here to inquire about our IBC’s, and services.

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