5x Chambers Wrap & Lashed to Flat Racks

10 Oct 2022

Our client was in possession of 5 Oversize Chambers that needed to be shipped to Russia. Due to the size of the vessels, 40’ Flat Racks were chosen as our shipping platform. Our job was to protect and securely lash the units providing adequate restraint for the extreme conditions that Sea Transport presents.


  • Apart from the lifting lugs, there were no tie-down points to lash the chamber to the 40’ Flat Rack
  • As we had to create our own lashing points the eye nut we installed protruded below the base of the Chamber’s legs
  • Due to the weight of the vessels, adequate restraint was required for the multiple forces incurred at Sea
  • Due to the shape of the vessel Heat Shrink Wrap was our only option for protection
  • The location and rating of the tie-down points on the flat rack varied


Due to the lack of tie-down points on the Chambers, rated eyebolts & nuts were installed to the support legs

Due to the variation in the flat racks’ tie-down point locations, the lashing points varied but the methodology and amount of load restraint remained the same for each individual unit.

Due to the protrusion of the eyebolt nut through the bottom of the steel support leg, the cradles had to be packed up with timber & rubber. Rubber was used between the timber and steel to increase the coefficient of friction.

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