Bore Casings Repack into Open Top Sea Container 

16 Feb 2023



  • To develop a system that would adequately restrain the bore casings. 
  • The small size of the bull-rings in the sea container, meant the ratchet straps would not draw due to pinching. 
  • Due to the dynamics of the load, the ratchet mechanism needed to be relocated higher in the sea container to allow for access. 
Left: The ratchet strap cable tied to the top bull-ring.
Right: The shackle combination is used to eliminate pinching.

A crane is used to lift a bore casings into the sea container.


The ratchets straps are being secured in the empty sea container so the bore casings can be loaded.
The bore casings secured with the ratchet straps and dunnage inside the sea container. 
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