Crane Lift of a 1.6 Tonne Hose into a Custom Built Crate

12 Oct 2022

AXIS Industrial were contracted to custom build a wooden crate to house a 1.6 tonne (1600kg) stainless steel submersible hose.
We were also required to lift this hose from its current steel container into the new custom wooden crate and ensure it was safely secured for transport by land and sea.

The 1.6 tonne hose being lifted into the custom-built wooden crane


  • To custom-build a wooden crate to house a 1.6 tonne stainless steel submersible hose.
  • To organise a crane to lift the hose from its steel container into the new custom-built wooden crate.
  • To ensure that the hose was secure within its new crate for transport by land and sea.


The 20 tonne crane used to lift the steel container and hose
The custom-bult wooden crate, with the 1.6 tonne hose secured inside, being fork-lifted onto the truck bed, alongside the steel container that the hose arrived in.


The 1.6 tonne hose secured in its custom-built wooden crate, with the lid about to be lifted into place
  • With careful and constant manoeuvring, monitoring and correcting, the crane successfully lifted the hose from the steel crate into the new wooden crate.
  • Dunnage was used to block and brace the hose to restrict its movement within the crate.
  • Once the hose was secured within the crate, the lid was lifted onto the crate and sealed in place.
  • With its lid in place, the crate was then fortified with steel strapping to further strengthen the crate.
  • Long forklift extensions were used to ensure the crate was lifted at its full width when loaded onto the truck bed.
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