Helicopter Transport – It’s a Wrap With AXIS

11 Jul 2023

The AXIS Industrial on-site team recently encountered an interesting challenge.  The helicopter was part of the “Fire Safety” program in the Eastern States and had been working tirelessly throughout the summer.  During the northern hemisphere’s fire season, it was time to return to British Columbia to resume its duties.

In order for the helicopter to return home safely, our team was asked to wrap and prepare it, making sure that no paintwork was damaged and that no water would enter it.

We started by securing a protective layer of foam directly to the body and then with the use of heat guns applied an outer layer of heat shrink plastic wrapping.  Heat wrapping is a difficult process and required AXIS Industrial experienced team members to ensure that the correct amount of heat was applied.

The task was completed in a single day and the Helicopter has arrived safely in Canada.

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