Mill Ring Packaged for International Sea Transportation

17 Oct 2022

AXIS Industrial custom packed four components of a large Mill Ring for sea transportation to the USA and then to Mexico. The timber packaging was pre-made at our factory and then transported to the client’s yard. Our on-site packaging team applied Denso tape and timber packaging to protect the Mill Ring from salt corrosion due to sea transport.

1. The pre-made timber packaging and Denso Tape arrive at the client’s yard.
2. The four Mill Ring components in the client’s warehouse.
3. Two components being prepared for Denso wrapping.
4. A close-up of the Mill Ring cogs wrapped in Denso Tape.
5. The outer timber packaging is lined with Denso Tape.
6. The outer timber packaging is fitted to a component.
7. A component prepared with Denso Tape and partly packaged.
8. Timber end packaging is applied to the timber case.
9. Strapping is used to add further strength and support to the timber packaging.
10. Another component is positioned for wrapping and packaging.
11. The inner surface of two Mill Ring components with the bottom one completely packed.
12. Two Mill Ring components loaded on a truck bed ready for delivery to the wharf.
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