Pelican Cases, AXIS Industrial

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Pelican Cases, AXIS Industrial

Protect what’s valuable with Pelican Cases

AXIS Industrial is proud to offer one of Australia’s most comprehensive Pelican product lines.

Browse our Pelican collection to see what we have to offer, including 1510 cases, storm cases, military cases, and much more.

We proudly stock Pelican cases because you can be confident that no matter how valuable or delicate your product is, a Pelican case will keep it safe and secure.

Pelican Cases, AXIS Industrial
Pelican Cases, AXIS Industrial

Pelican StormTM Cases

Press & Pull® Latches: These smooth-opening, dependable Pelican case latches hold tight under pressure and impact despite the fast opening performance. Despite being tested to over 400 lbs, it opens with a simple release button.

Lockable Hasps: Twin mating hasp holes on the rims of the crates and cases allow padlock attachment to keep your gear in and thieves out.

Ball-bearing wheels with retractable handles: provide low-friction, low-drag rolling and are shielded from dust, dirt, and other contaminants.

Double Layer, Soft Grip Handles – An in-tool vulcanising process over-moulds the grips to the polymer handle for a lifetime of dependable Pelican Storm Cases performance.

Vortex® Pressure Release Valve – Pelican-StormTM built-in technology. Even after extreme altitude changes, air travel prevents vacuum lock, making opening the case natural. At the same time, the microscopic filter traps water molecules and dust particles, ensuring that your equipment remains clean.

Pelican Cases, AXIS Industrial
Pelican Cases, AXIS Industrial

PelicanTM Cases

PelicanTM cases are built with a proprietary combination of homo-polymers and copolymers, with an open cell core and solid wall construction that is stronger and lighter than a concrete core wall.

Watertight – The tongue and groove fit with a polymer O-ring acting as a waterproof seal is the secret.

Stainless steel ball bearing wheels last longer and ride more smoothly. The nylon hub next to the stainless steel is heat resistant.

Stainless Steel Reinforced Padlock Protectors – Stainless steel reinforced padlock protectors add strength and security against cutting and theft.

Double-Throw Latches are more innovative and easier to open: the classic “C” clamp design with a secondary movement that works like a pry bar to start the release and offers plenty of leverage to open with a light pull.

Pick N PluckTM foam is standard in all PelicanTM cases (except Micro Case SeriesTM cases, Memory Card Cases, 1780W, 1780HL, and 1780RF). Cases in 1700, 1720, and 1750 series come standard with three-piece foam sets.

Choose your Pelican case by browsing through the product selection on their official website and get the product name, SKU, and color.

To place an order, you may order through the AXIS Industrial website, an accredited seller of Pelican products. Fill out the Contact form with the product details and someone will be in touch shortly.

Advantages of Pelican Cases:

    • Water and dustproof

    • A wide range of standard sizes is available to accommodate any equipment.

    • The Pelican Lifetime Guarantee is included.

    • Trimcast cases with custom designs are available.


    • Secure: A wide range of standard sizes can accommodate any equipment. Water and dustproof.

    • Pelican Lifetime Guarantee protects tough cases built to last.

    • Cases and internal foam inserts can be built to order using CAD technology.





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