Rigid Plastic Bins, AXIS Industrial

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Rigid Plastic Bins, AXIS Industrial

Save space with AXIS Industrial Foldable plastic bins

The AXIS Industrial Foldable plastic bins are cost-effective. They fold up when not in use, reducing storage and transport space needs by up to a third.

The versality of foldable bins is crucial. Designed with the highest levels of durability, flexibility, and adaptability in mind, guaranteeing exceptional application across all categories.

Drop gates improve the accessibility and effectiveness of stock control while also streamlining OHS processes. Our foldable plastic bins follows the Australian pallet footprint for easy, safe, and effective stacking.

These storage bins provides outstanding protection. Even on the hottest and coldest days, the produce is fully secured due to the design innovation.

AXIS Industrial collapsible bins provides a variety of cargo to be safely and securely transported and stored. Our high-quality plastic containers are UV-stabilized, incredibly robust, and stackable.

Containers made of plastic for storing and transporting bulk materials. In addition, they are the greatest option for hygienic applications because they can be rapidly pressure-washed.

In order to maximise space, double-width bins are typically preferred in warehouse settings. These bins can also be stenciled for increased protection and aesthetic appeal.





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