ALC (Security) Plastic Crates, AXIS Industrial

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ALC (Security) Plastic Crates, AXIS Industrial

Attached Lid Containers for extra security 

The obvious choice is for applications that require a plastic crate with a lid, Security Crates, or an Attached Lid Container (ALC)—providing a complete enclosure to protect your product from external conditions and prying eyes. The ALC suits a vast range of applications. These include retail, stores, removals, archiving, hazardous waste, e-commerce, automation systems, etc.

Our innovative, patented designs ensure that the lids are never lost, conveniently hinged to the crate itself. Unlike other ALCs, when empty stacked, our covers sit in a truly vertical position, nesting perfectly with the next lid in the stack, preventing damage and increasing vehicle fill by up to 10%.

Some lids are also attached to the crate by a clever interlocking snap system that doesn’t use pins, enabling the top to be easily replaced.

Our ALCs are designed to integrate perfectly with our Pally & Lid system providing an efficient manual handling and RTP solution. The ALCs are stacked on the Pally to the required height. The lid is placed on top, acting as a cap.

The Lid straps are then pulled down, connected to the Pally base, and tensioned. Plastic wrap is eliminated, resulting in a load that is far more stable for transit. The Pally can also be put into Dolly mode by the press of a footswitch. The entire system can be conveniently and manually repositioned in the supply chain.  

Our range of Security Crates come in an extensive range of sizes, and we also have UN Certified options, ideal for hazardous waste. Designed to meet UN regulations, our inbuilt strap, virgin material, and liner system ensure the contents are kept safe and secure.

For added security, our ALCs are also tamper-proof thanks to a locking system that allows for applying an AXIS Security Seal. Our Security Seals are available in various colours and can be embossed with your company logo and sequentially numbered.





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