Crate Lid, AXIS Industrial

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Crate Lid, AXIS Industrial

Provide additional layer of protection & security to fragile and valuable items during transport and storage. Additionally, crate lids offer the added benefit of organizing and stacking crates more easily and securely. With a well-fitted crate lid, you can safely stack multiple crates on top of each other without fear of them toppling over or damaging their contents.

Crate Lid, AXIS Industrial
Crate Lid, AXIS Industrial


Item #: LHL001


  • Retractable straps
  • Integrated tensioning mechanism
  • Eco friendly plastic free pallet security
  • Eliminate plastic film and banding
  • Labour saving – 20 seconds vs 2-3 minutes for stretch wrap
  • Range of sizes
  • Tamper proof


  • Size for Pally: 800 x 600mm
  • External Dimensions: 822 x 618 x 93mm
  • Max. stacking load: 2000kg
  • Weight of 2 strap lid: 6.15kg


  • 2 or 4 strap lids
  • Custom sizes
  • Branded straps

The Lid, which is made to suit the Pally and is available in conventional pallet sizes, is put on top of the loaded Pally and attached to the Pally base using retractable straps. The load-rated strap and hook system is immediately fitted into purpose-built slots on the Pally and then manually tensioned by a mechanism similar to a regular truck ratchet strap.

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