Foldable Plastic Crates, AXIS Industrial

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Foldable Plastic Crates, AXIS Industrial

Foldable Plastic Crates, ideal for return logistics.

Plastic foldable crates are ideal for use in a variety of industries. These includes agriculture, building and construction, clothing, automotive, electronics, food, groceries in supermarket chains, bakeries, dairy, fisheries, freight forwarding, household goods, nurseries, pharmaceuticals, and packaging, and logistics.

Because of our high folding ratios, nothing tops a fully foldable plastic container for maximising vehicle fill for reverse logistics. Our stackable, robust, strong, and durable Foldable Containers come in a range of sizes. And may be used for both food and non-food purposes as we use food gradable plastic.

After doing market research and comparing our containers to other designs, our engineering team strengthened the base and corners to boost their impact resistance.

By locking the contents with alternative lids and security seals, this series delivers a tamper-resistant solution. Handles that are ergonomically positioned make manual handling simple. Folding the Foldable Plastic Container into a flat, stackable empty is quick and efficient thanks to our creative features.

Our ventilated variants are great for food freshness, drainage, and ventilation applications. AXIS Industrial’s Collapsible Crates are extremely hygienic and easy to clean due to the small recesses. Reinforced ribbing gives maximum strength while being lightweight.

Non-food applications can benefit from our flexible Collapsible Containers with solid walls. Straight inner walls boost internal capacity and maximise space efficiency as compared to nestable options.

Optional dividers are also available to segregate the contents of the Small Foldable Containers, as are a choice of colours, labelling places, and embossed branding.





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