Custom Plastic Pallets, AXIS Industrial

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Custom Plastic Pallets, AXIS Industrial
Custom Plastic Pallets, AXIS Industrial

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Custom Plastic Pallets, AXIS Industrial

Custom Plastic Pallets made to order

Plastic Pallets come in so many sizes, load ratings and features it can be overwhelming when deciding which is the best fit for your business. Thankfully, AXIS is here to help with over 25 years’ experience connecting customers with the right pallet via our local partners and comprehensive global network.

This is our first and preferred option but unfortunately, there is not always an off-the shelf solution when it comes to very specific, project related deliverables.

Custom Plastic Pallets, AXIS Industrial

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Custom Plastic Pallets, AXIS Industrial

At this stage, AXIS works closely with our customers to develop an initial scope and cost estimate. 

This is typically based on size & properties of the product itself as well as other key factors including transport, automation, climate, and pallet racking. A pallet can transition through multiple sets of transport and storage conditions, so it is critical to ensure the design and functionality is fit for purpose.

Following the initial scope and approval to move to the design phase, our team begin concept development utilising 3D CAD modelling. This phase is a collaborative effort as we refine the design, taking into to consideration the project deliverables. The FEA (Finite Element Analysis) process is also employed during this phase as we run computerised models to predict how the pallet will react to various conditions including dynamic and static forces, temperature, and other physical effects. 

The next stage is prototyping where we manufacture a sample pallet/s for physical testing and trials. The prototype can be made by several different manufacturing techniques including laser cutting or roto-moulding to produce a pallet as close to the final injection moulded design as possible. This pallet is then put to work undergoing extensive real-worlds test that are applicable to the project.

Following this phase, modifications can be made to the design if required or we then move to the tool making stage. This process delivers an injection mould that is used to produce the final pallet in volume and is critical to the project’s success. AXIS only works with very experienced local and international tool makers that have a reputation for producing high quality pallets both on-time and on budget. 





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