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Export Plastic Pallets, AXIS Industrial

Plastic export plastic pallets are suitable for shipping cargo!

AXIS Industrial can provide the suitable export plastic pallet for your needs. Our product line includes a wide selection of sizes, load ratings, and features that are ideal for any application. Custom plastic export pallets can also be designed for specific handling solutions.

Exporters from a variety of industries, including food processing, agriculture, mining, and manufacturing, may rely on our environmentally friendly alternatives to the heat treatment required when utilising wood pallets.

Plastic pallets for export are less in weight, often weighing less than 12 kg each pallet. Some pallets are as light as 5kg, which helps to cut transportation expenses.

Export plastic pallets are mostly made of recycled materials and can be recycled again once the pallet is no longer needed. AXIS Supply Chain can assist with plastic pallet recycling programmes.

Because of the nature of plastic, these sorts of pallets can be reused, increasing their lifespan and decreasing the requirement for one-way pallets. This helps to cut disposal expenses while also contributing to a more circular economy.

Plastic pallets are a better option for export than wood pallets because they are free from ISPM 15 bio-security rules. As a result, the pallet does not need to be fumigated or accompanied by the written certifications and stamps required for customs clearance of all timber pallets.

When compared to wooden pallets, plastic pallets provide a lot of advantages.

Plastic pallets are easily washed and steam cleaned, and they may also be chemically sterilised, making them excellent for food and pharmaceutical exports. The export plastic pallet is water resistant and mould and germ free. They are also easier and safer to handle when free of splinters and nails, resulting in improved OHS outcomes.

Stricter weight standards prevent variances in freight charges, giving you piece of mind. The dimensions of the pallets are more uniform than those of wooden pallets, allowing connection with automation systems and compliance with air freight handling equipment.

Obtaining Plastic Pallets for Export AXIS can help your export operations run more smoothly and reliably. Nestable pallets can minimise freight expenses and storage space for empty pallets at your site by increasing container volumes.

In addition to conventional sizes, we offer a wide choice of non-standard sizes, product specific designs, and tailored solutions, such as;

  • 20′ Reefer Container Pallet – A 1050 x 1050mm footprint allows for 10 pallets to fit neatly within the reefer container, maximising container utilisation.
  • Drum Pallet – Reinforced and specifically made for drums.
  • Bulk Bag Pallet – Specifically designed to allow bulk bags to interface with the contours of the pallet’s upper deck, providing for safe forklift entrance when double stacked.
  • Air Freight Pallets – Superlightweight designs, a wide range of sizes and load capacities.





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