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Heavy Duty Pallets, AXIS Industrial

Pallet Racking and Heavy Duty Pallets for Warehouses

Pallets are a vital aspect of any supply chain, especially when loads exceed 1 tonne. Choosing the correct Heavy Duty Plastic Pallet is critical. Safety and product integrity are critical when it comes to warehouse storage or closed loop logistics. It is then critical to collaborate with a reliable partner to verify that your plastic pallet can withstand your exact load requirements under both static and dynamic conditions.

Our Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets are built to last and are extremely sturdy, with minimum dynamic load ratings of 2 tonnes. Our pallets get their strength from creative designs, more material than lighter duty pallets, and steel reinforcement for even higher loading ratings.

This industrial collection of high quality plastic pallets is suitable for in-beam and drive-in pallet racking in a variety of industries. Food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and mining are among these industries. Pallets kept in drive-in racking are prone to deflection. Steel rods that cross the pallet are then used to reduce deflection to within acceptable tolerances

Heavy duty pallets come in a variety of sizes and with a variety of characteristics. Vented top decks, smooth surfaces for hygiene applications, anti-slip rubber gromets, steel reinforcement, UV stabilisers, and a variety of colours are among the characteristics.

Because they are reusable and have lengthy lifespans, Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets are a sustainable choice. These pallets can be made entirely of recycled materials and, if broken, recycled again

Heavy Duty Hygiene Pallets are an excellent alternative for cold storage. Their flat surfaces are resistant to mould, moisture, and germs, and they are also simple to clean and sterilise. AXIS can also provide pallet cleaning equipment to automate this procedure, allowing you to streamline your operations

Heavy Duty Plastic Pallets are more durable than wooden pallets, making them a more cost-effective option for storage and returnable transit packaging. When considering life spans of 5-10 years, the need to continuously purchasing wooden pallets is reduced, saving significant money in the long run. AXIS also provides finance for major capital expenditure projects that produce cash flow positive returns from the start.





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