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Pressed Wood Pallets, AXIS Industrial

Pressed Wood Pallets – from Waste to Sustainability

Pressed Wood Pallets are one of the best options when it comes to sustainability. The pallet made from waste wood chips is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to ship goods. This method also makes use of a by-product of the timber industry.

When manufacturing timber products, waste fibre is generated at every stage of the value-added process. AXIS now has a market for this material, which makes it a more cost-effective option than wooden or plastic pallets. All of this value was delivered without jeopardising the primary function of the pallet.

Additionally, used wood packaging materials such as wooden crates and pallets can be recycled. Due to modern techniques such as magnetic nail removal and industrial grade shredders, this material is no longer destined for landfill.

Composite Wood Pallets are manufactured in a clever but straightforward manner. The waste material is compressed using specially designed mould tools under the influence of force and heat, resulting in a one-piece pallet. With their clever design, the pallets can be easily stacked and shipped to our customers in Perth – and all of WA including the Pilbara and Darwin.

Our pallets are available in a variety of sizes and styles. For example, our export range is optimised in terms of space and load capacity for sea containers. The nine pod feet enable the pallet to be picked up from any direction by a forklift or pallet jack. This makes it extremely convenient when loading and unloading.

The most common export footprints are 1140mm x 1140mm and 1100mm x 1100mm.

Due to the contoured top deck, this pallet range is ideal for shipping bulk products in Bulk Bags. The bulk bag and its contents settle into the void space of the pallet, providing additional stability.

Another popular design is our “New” Australian footprint pallet rack pallet. Not only is this pallet 1165mm x 1165mm in size, but it also fits into standard in-beam pallet racking.

Our nestable designs make empty storage and/or return logistics both space and cost efficient. The pallets stack neatly and are easily separated with a forklift. 1100-1400 units, depending on the design, can easily fit into a 40′ high cube container.

Additionally, custom sizes are available, and they are surprisingly affordable. This is possible due to the low cost of a compression mould tool when compared to plastic pallets and injection moulding. This enables you to create a custom-built Compressed Wood Pallet that is engineered to your customers’ specifications.





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