Cargocare, AXIS Industrial


Cargocare, AXIS Industrial


Secure your cargo with AXIS Cargocare

With AXIS Industrial Cargocare you can be sure that you are using compatible and reliable products to go with any AXIS Industrial Timber Packaging products and Materials Handling services.

Secure your cargo with our Dunnage bags, made with recycled materials. Prevent rust, mildew and moulds from damaging your cargo by using our range of desiccants. Save space with our slip sheets and cost effectively manage your transport costs.

Add another layer of protection to your cargo during transport by using strap and lashing products. And utilise our security seals to protect any valuable cargo.

You can also avail our Shockwatch Indicators, Thermal covers and stretch film and bags to monitor temperature changes and prevent irreparable damage to your cargo.

Designed specifically for use in Australia, these consumables packaging are manufactured to keep cargos and products secure and safe when transported and stored.

These cargocare products are manufactured and designed to keep your cargos and products secure and safe during transport and storage especially with the Australian weather.





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