Cardboard, AXIS Industrial


Cardboard, AXIS Industrial

Cardboard Products from AXIS Industrial

AXIS supplies Cardboard Cartons to suit any application. If you’re unsure we can help you determine the required strength and have a track record in delivering the ideal corrugated cardboard product for your needs.

Cardboard products from AXIS Industrial:

Cardboard, AXIS Industrial
Cardboard, AXIS Industrial

Cardboard Pallets – AXIS Industrial supplies and manufactures a bespoke selection of sturdy corrugated Cardboard Pallets that can equal the load rating of Wooden Pallets but are considerably simpler to handle and transport because of their light weight.

Cardboard, AXIS Industrial
Cardboard, AXIS Industrial

Pallet Layer Pads – When using pallets, AXIS Industrial’s Pallet Layer Pads may help keep your goods stay free from undesired dirt and moisture while also enhancing pallet stability.

Our layer pads are a low-cost alternative composed of high-quality recycled cardboard or paper.

Cardboard Edge Protectors – prevents crushing of cardboard the cartons on a pallet, which may cause the pallet to collapse, or just for the customer who takes pride in the appearance of their deliveries.

Cardboard, AXIS Industrial
Cardboard, AXIS Industrial

Corrugated Bulk Bins – are a recyclable, cost-effective alternative to many types of shipping containers, and since they are so light, they are easy to handle thus reducing transportation costs.

When we design your Cardboard Box we consider;

    • Stacking Strength

    • Burst Strength

    • Containment Strength

We then take these requirements into consideration to ensure we build the most suitable and cost-effective cardboard box.

Thickness options;

    • E – 2mm (Single cushion)

    • B – 3mm (Single cushion)

    • C – 4mm (Single cushion)

    • E – 2mm (Single cushion)

    • BE – 5mm (Double cushion)

    • BC – 7mm (Double cushion)

Triple Cushion is available on request

AXIS Industrial also offers branding with our bespoke printing service. Send us your design, and we will ensure that it is printed.

We can produce short batches (1-–25 cartons) but also large runs in the thousands.





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