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Livestock Crates for safe animal transport

AXIS Industrial has created a more innovative and diverse array of Livestock Crates that are adaptable to a variety of aircraft.

Our pens have become industry standards by maximising space and providing a 20% increase in up-lift capabilities.

To build a range of air freight animal pens suitable for livestock transport, while ensuring that the pens’ designs were adjustable enough to maximise capacity on a range of various aircraft. We made certain that only the best materials were used.

Livestock Crates

To obtain the best combination of pen weight versus pen strength, pine timber cross sections are carefully selected.

To save production costs and weight, all livestock wooden crates were created with no floor on the ground level.

Forklift lifting lugs are integrated inside the pen to boost stability during transport.

All levels of all tiers feature “dished” plastic and carpet lining, creating a leak-proof non-slip barrier that prevents animal waste leakage.

Keep your products stable by blocking and bracing them with timber dunnage and foam. Our Livestock Wooden Crates provide excellent protection for transporting livestock of various sizes.

Each timber crate and case is handcrafted to your exact requirements. On request, AXIS will offer you with a free measurement and quote.

AXIS Industrial has a long-term supply of raw and recyclable materials, ensuring the safety and comfort of all animals carried in our livestock shipping crates.

Our design team takes into account individual animal transport requirements while building cages that provide humane conditions for animals while minimising potential livestock loss.

Benefits of AXIS Industrial Wooden Livestock Crates:

  • Sky-Mat reduces aerial ammonia, prevents animals from slipping and is easy to remove
  • Available in single, double and three tier configurations
  • Compliant with airline regulations
  • Suitable for all export breeds
  • Robust, lightweight construction ideal for airfreight.
  • Unpleasant odours are deodorised.
  • It keeps animals from slipping and does not leak.
  • Simple to remove

Our large range of Livestock Crates and Wooden Crates has been built to meet airline regulations all around the world. Blocking and bracing your merchandise with timber dunnage and foam will keep them stable.

Our Livestock Crates utilise external battens and uprights to reduce interior timber projections that could hurt livestock during “thermal circulation” for group heat control.





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