Timber Packaging

Wooden Pipe Supports and Timber Cradles for Pipe Transport

The ability to transport large-diameter pipe depends on the quality of your transport equipment, including pipe saddles.

Support and stabilise cylindrical items with custom-made wooden pipe support and wooden cradle from AXIS Industrial.

Our products are made using cutting-edge technology and dependable sources of high-quality softwood. Due to the adequate thickness of these items, they can easily withstand heavy loads.

Wooden pipe supports and timber cradles

Cradle skids provide the structural support required by large loads, and AXIS Industrial’s expertise will work with you to guarantee your product is securely secured and safely shipped.

Our pipe supports and support saddles are made of solid hardwood and are custom-made to your specifications.

There is the option of stenciling, special decking or stringer board, heat treating, and strap notching.

Cradle skids provide the required structural support for big loads, and the professionals at AXIS Industrial will work with you to ensure your product is safely secured and dispatched.

Our pipe supports and support saddles are made from solid hardwood and are manufactured or customised to your specifications.


  • Stabilise any cylindrical cargo with custom-made wooden pipe supports and wooden cradles.
  • Heavy-duty
  • Wooden saddles can accommodate a single or several objects.
  • Rigid pipe support can be used on its own or with other wood products.

And our timber supports are ISPM 15 certified. We can heat treat and fumigate any of our products to meet international shipping requirements.

AXIS Industrial designs product-specific support systems using packing wood, pipe supports, and curved cradles.

AXIS offers a free obligation-free measurement and quotation at your location. AXIS creates support systems adapted to your product’s size and weight by utilising packing timbers and curved cradles.

Custom designed and built to fit your load’s diameter, weight, and mode of transportation. AXIS ensures your load is adequately stabilised and secured for the mode/s of transport ahead by blocking, bracing, and strapping your pipes and cylindrical freight with our wooden pipe support and timber cradles.





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