GreenVCI® VCI Film (GVF100)

GreenVCI® GVF100 emerges as a volatile corrosion inhibitor (VCI) additive masterbatch meticulously crafted for blown extrusion into VCI film. It holds approval from esteemed German automakers Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz. This additive, based on low-density polyethylene (LDPE), delivers temporary corrosion protection and vapour inhibiting specialty, safeguarding both ferrous and non-ferrous metals within enclosed spaces for up to 24 months when properly air-sealed.

GVF100 finds application across a spectrum of industries, including automotive parts knockdown packaging, heavy machinery, steel mills, construction, and military sectors. It is imperative to ensure the absence of rust on the product before packaging with VCI film and to avoid excessive humidity and high temperatures during the packaging process.

For packaging exceeding 8 cubic meters, employing VCI powder sachet packs or other VCI supplements is recommended. VCI film packaging should be meticulously air-sealed to maximize protection. The efficacy of the VCI action may be disrupted upon unsealing the VCI film packaging material but can be reactivated upon resealing the package, ensuring sustained corrosion protection over time.

VCI Functional Challenge

  • Performance Specifications for USA Department of Defense test method standard [MIL-STD-3010] for packaging materials indicated in VCI Film MIL-PRF-22019E:
  • [MIL-STD-3010 Method 4031] Vapor Inhibitor Ability (VIA) compliant
  • [MIL-STD-3010 Method 3005] Contact corrosivity compliant
  • MIL-PRF-22019E Compatibility with copper
  • Compliant with BMW GS 94003, Mercedes Benz DBL 6994, and Volkswagen VW 50164 standard
  • Compliant to TL 8135-0002 & TL 8135-0043
  • Recyclable
  • TRGS 615, REACH (SVHC), & RoHS compliant
  • 100% no nitrite & 100% no amines

Packaging and Storage

VCI film packaging is available in sheets, bags, and rolls, ensuring adaptability to your unique requirements. With proper handling, the product boasts an estimated shelf life of two years when delivered in sealed packaging and shielded from direct sunlight and moisture. Maintaining storage conditions at room temperature is crucial to preserving the effectiveness of the VCI film over time.


To maximize the effectiveness of VCI film packaging, it’s crucial to adhere to specific guidelines. Firstly, it’s best to store the packaged products away from direct sunlight and exposure to high temperatures, heat, and moisture. Additionally, applying VCI film packaging should occur in environments with stable temperature conditions. Controlling humidity levels is also essential to safeguard the packaged products from corrosion. Before usage, conducting testing is advisable to confirm the suitability of the VCI film packaging for your specific requirements and conditions. By following these steps diligently, you can ensure optimal protection for your products against corrosion.

FOR INDUSTRIAL USE ONLY: Keep Out of Reach of Children

WARNING: This product is intended for industrial use only and should not be consumed. Store it at room temperature in a low humidity environment.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: For additional information on product safety, please request a Material Safety Data Sheet from our employees.


Please note that the information in this product overview is a guide and the physical properties listed are typical values only. Before using the product, we recommend testing it to ensure it meets your needs. Our products are designed for a variety of conditions and uses, which we may not be able to control. We do not guarantee that this product is suitable for any particular use. Claims for defects in the product must be made in writing within two months of receiving the product and before further processing or combining it with other materials. We will not be held responsible for any damages that occur during use. This warranty is the only warranty we offer, express or implied, and no one is authorized to offer any other warranties on our behalf.





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