Timber Packaging

Transport cargo in ISPM15 certified wooden cases 

Fully encased wooden boxes are the right transport and storage solutions. AXIS Industrial timber packaging products are perfect for smaller goods and products that must be enclosed safely and securely.

Timber cases are typically stronger than wooden crates and are ideal for adding linings, hardware, and stencils. In addition, a pine case is typically less expensive than a plywood container, therefore it’s a good choice for your disposable packaging needs.

Our timber cases are built of high grade timber and are fully enclosed, reducing breakage and damage during transit and shipping.

Wooden Cases

These custom-crafted, long-lasting wooden boxes are made of high-quality wood that will preserve the contents throughout delivery, ensuring that the items will arrive safely and unharmed.

Our wooden storage containers provide ultimate security against unauthorised or undesired entry.

To provide additional safety and protection, we may add inserts such as moulded foam, corrugated foam, or wood to our custom wooden boxes for fragile products.

Our state-of-the-art, automated manufacturing equipment ensures a prompt response for any size project.

Our crates and containers are handcrafted from high-quality wood and designed specifically for your needs. Our timber boxes are precisely built and designed from the best materials

Benefits of Wooden Cases:

  • Export compliance with ISPM15 standards.
  • Fully enclosed
  • Durable
  • Custom designed to fit any transport needs and up to 30 tonnes.
  • Insect resilient
  • Heat treated
  • Available across WA and anywhere in Australia.

Consider adding steel reinforcement to your hardwood case if your cargo’s journey will be arduous and lengthy.

AXIS can create a strong case out of wood and steel that will last the test of time. Connect with us for  more information on our reinforced cases.

All of our timber items, including packing boxes, are ISPM15 approved and come with a stamp and certificate. We can all treat your timber to H4 – AS1604 standards, which is perfect for long-term storage and safe transport to Barrow Island.


  • The AXIS team will provide an obligation-free estimate at your premises.
  •  Our timber crates and cases are tailored to perfectly suit your specific requirements.
  • Prevent internal movement within your product by blocking it with dunnage, foam, and other materials.
  • Wooden cases and crates provide excellent protection for all types of freight.

We take the time to learn your specific project requirements in order to build just the best timber case to fit your transportation needs. We will do a complete review of your packaging needs and build a customised packaging solution that will safely transport your goods from A to B, regardless of size, number, or weight.

For moisture protection, we can additionally Heat Shrink Wrap your product and deliver desiccants to assure corrosion and dust protection.

If your travel is going to be rough and long, consider adding steel reinforcement to your hardwood case. AXIS can create a strong case out of wood and steel.

For your wooden cases needs in Perth or anywhere in WA – Connect with us now.





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