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Move your cargo with Wooden Pallets and Skids

AXIS Industrial makes a variety of Wooden Pallets in Perth. This includes Hardwood Pallets, and ships Plastic Pallets and Timber Pallets in Perth and anywhere in Western Australia.

We provide a variety of hardwood and wooden pallet sizes. AS1604-H3-treated food and pharmaceutical grade pallets (as an alternative to unsustainable treatment practices).

They are made of heavy-duty hardwood, are biodegradable, and can be customised to any size. They are excellent for one-way export and light aviation freight.


AXIS Industrial provides support systems that are precisely tailored to the dimensions and weight of your product using packed timbers and curved cradles.

Using AXIS Industrial wooden pallets and skids to secure and stabilise your load is critical to the transport mode’s effectiveness.

There are standard and custom designs available.

There are numerous basic pallet sizes to accommodate various types of commodities, as well as skid designs specialised to specific loads.

Finally, we provide a fully customised pallet solution to meet your requirements.

AXIS Industrial has the capacity to meet strong demands for pallets and skids every day. This is to ensure that your items keeps moving.

We had analysed a wide range of aspects to ensure we give the optimal timber packaging solution for your business and cargo.

We customize designs based on the weight and size of the items. Choices ranging from lightweight and cost-effective pallets to strong and long-lasting pallets.

Transporting your large machinery or equipment might be dangerous!

AXIS Industrial has over 25 years of experience in the design and construction of Platforms, Wooden Gluts, Wooden Pallets, Plastic Supports, and Wooden Supports.



  • Standard size Australian wooden pallet and custom-made wooden pallet dimensions
  • AS1604 -— H3 treated wooden pallets within Australia
  • Meets with import & export regulations
  • Food & pharmaceutical grade plastic pallets

AXIS Industrial can assist you with any project, regardless of its size, weight, or difficulty.

Whether you need a light-weight air freight pallet, a heavy-duty reusable pine pallet, or a plastic food-grade pallet, AXIS Industrial has the right solution for you.

When combined with our skilled Mobile Packing Team, our design team has a proven track record when it comes to mobilising huge, industrial goods.

AXIS Industrial can assist you regardless of the size, weight, or difficulty of your project. Contact us today for Wooden Pallets Perth





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